Social Justice is Not Enough

In “Social Justice is Not Enough,” missionary and blogger Seth Barnes argues that Christian missionary work cannot be merely concerned with issues of social justice. No, the gospel of grace actually has to be introduced or Christian missions isn’t really Christian at all. A sample:

Our hearts want to respond to God’s call to defend the cause of the oppressed. But, justice is not enough. Justice, by itself may not touch a person’s heart. Victims’ families who see their child’s murderer hang may still go through life nursing their bitterness. They need grace. Jesus brought hope in various forms, but he didn’t satisfy his disciples’ pleas for justice. His focus, his gospel, was a gospel of grace, not justice.

Read the whole thing as well as the important WSJ article referenced in the post: “How Missionaries Lost Their Chariots of Fire” (July, 2010).

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One Response to Social Justice is Not Enough

  1. Clark Dunlap says:

    I think the problems with Social Justice are how do you define “The Oppressed”, how to “Defend” their cause., and who gets to make those definitions. Surely there is gross oppression and abuse going on in the world. But too often the oppressor is just someone who has worked hard and done well, and done better than the poor guy down the street. Hard Work and Industry are not synonomous with oppression. Oppression is slavery, collusion of the prosperous to keep the “masses” down, laws that make freedom and self-fullfillment less available to some over others. The list could go on and on, but not all, not even most, who have achieved something in life are oppressors and deserve to be on the punishment side of Social Justice.

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