The Blessing of Friends

Just received this most thoughtful email from a dear friend across the country. I’m so moved by his kindness and the pastoral helpfulness of what he says, that I have to share it. What a wonderful model of how to bless someone through the use of technology.


Dear Mike,

I’ve been thinking about you and Julia over these days. I’m sure you have some difficult times as you look ahead to the coming year, wondering just what the future holds, and yet still trying to treasure and enjoy the present gift of time.

I’d give you a call but I don’t want to take away from your precious family time. I just want you to know, that you and your family are very much on my heart and in my prayers.

What a comfort to know that God became flesh (skin, bone, muscle, nerves, blood, hair, saliva, nails, tears, eyes, ears, fingers, toes) and dwelt (lived, grew, laughed, cried, spoke, sang, rejoiced, feared, marveled, hoped, socialized, slept, suffered, died) among us (doubters, betrayers, deniers, haters, enemies, unbelievers, sinners).

Remembering you,

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