Can you thank God for it?

Something to think about from Kevin DeYoung:

I’ve learned over the years that the simplest way to judge gray areas in the Christian life like movies, television, and music is to ask one simple question: can I thank God for this? (We are to give thanks in all circumstances, right?) Not too long ago my wife and I went to the movie theater to watch one of the summer blockbusters. It was a fun PG-13 movie, and you’d probably say it didn’t really have any bad parts. But it was very sensual and suggestive in several places. I got done with the movie (yes, I watched the whole thing) and thought, “Can I really thank God for this?” Now, I’m not a total kill-joy. I like to laugh and enjoy life. I can thank God for the Chicago Bears, Hot N’ Readys, and Brian Regan. But I wonder if after most of our entertainment we could sincerely get down on our knees and say, “Thank you God for this good gift.” Something to think about.

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One Response to Can you thank God for it?

  1. Susan Olsen says:

    Turning the splendor of God and his gifts into glorified sewage is what has brought about His wrath. I, too, love good and great movies. I do not deny evil as a great element in stories but when its presented in such a manner as to tantalize me to think and feel and speak and do what ought not to be then the arts become a broken sewage line. I do not want to drink thereof. So by God’s grace may the grid of my filter become finer in gauge so that I more easily recognize the stink in the think. Ever onward and upward, Susan Olsen

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