ESV? Why?

Pastor Kevin DeYoung makes the case for the ESV Bible over the NIV in a fine booklet titled, Why Our Church Switched to the ESV. Read it here for free.

For other helpful free resources from Crossway Books to aid you in a switch to the ESV, go here.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, I’m not on Crossway’s payroll. I just really like the ESV translation.

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2 Responses to ESV? Why?

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  2. Marlene Alexander says:

    Point well-taken. I have this thing about wanting to use the same version that a pastor uses so I did take on the ESV when you came to us. Makes me feel more in touch. Had been using the NIV and NASB a lot in the last 15 yrs. Seems good to look into all of them but I have gotten used to the ESV. Thanks for the article.

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