Biblical Worship

Very excited about what God will do with this program to strengthen the American church. And it sums up well the music ministry priorities of Immanuel Bible Church where I have the privilege of serving. God help us in the New Year to grow in worship.

The New Division of Biblical Worship from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Biblical Worship

  1. my church is becoming relevant…. Music backed by theology… does this means we can sing the 3rd verse of the old hymns?watch out … the pews may begin to fill with twenty-somethings …

  2. Marlene Alexander says:

    Interesting and very informative discussion. So helpful in bringing us to a better understanding and acceptance of the role of true worship music in the church. What great blessings can come to everyone when style gives way to glorifying God in with joyful sounds.

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