Spoken Word and the Word

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the growing popularity of “spoken word” ministries. And I’m glad. I love the way gospel truth is being cast in powerful poetry. Listen, for example, to Propaganda telling the gospel story in less than five minutes:

On Saturday, February 25 at Immanuel Bible Church we want to take spoken word ministries to another level. This is exactly what Guillermo (Billy) Powell is going to help us do by reciting from memory of the book of Revelation. This dramatic program will last approximately two hours and include a large choir to help give musical expression to the wonders of this book. Consider, for example, how powerful it will be to hear a dramatic spoken word rendering of Revelation 19:6-10, Revelation 20:11-15, and Revelation 22.

For nearly two decades Billy has used his ability to memorize and recite Scripture to bless congregations around the world. His mission is, “To bring God’s Word alive in the hearts of people.” We are praying this happens for the hundreds of people who come to this event on February 25th at Immanuel.

For more information about Billy, his ministry, and to hear samples of his work, visit Hidden in the Heart Ministries at hiddenintheheart.com. And be sure to pick up your FREE tickets for this ministry of the book of Revelation at Immanuel Bible Church, 2000 W. North St. in Bellingham.

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One Response to Spoken Word and the Word

  1. Marlene Alexander says:

    Excited to hear the presentation. Thank you Billy, for listening to the call of Christ to preach the share the Good News.

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