Susan B. Komen, Planned Parenthood, and the Cross of Christ

Wow. Just read Russell Moore’s commentary in Christianity Today regarding the controversy surrounding the Susan B. Komen Foundation for the Cure and its relationship with Planned Parenthood. I cannot commend this article strongly enough.

In “The Pink Ribbon and the Dollar Sign” Moore rightly sees at the heart of this debacle the idolatrous love of money. And he warns us to not fall prey to this false god.

While you really need to read the whole thing, here’s Moore’s conclusion:

Planned Parenthood has won this one. They spent a lot of money, and they’ll make a lot of money. And they’ll do so off the shredded corpses of children and the raped consciences of women. If Jesus’ kingdom were of this world, we’d be fundraising to keep up with them.

But what we have is greater than that. We have a word that tells a pregnant young woman that we believe her Down Syndrome baby is a gift, not a health care burden. And we can offer the kind of gospel that cleanses the conscience and offers what outlasts money and power: life and that to the uttermost.

Let’s work to legally protect women and children. And let’s grieve that old Mammon has won the day, again. But let’s not grieve like the pagans who have no hope. When it comes to the struggle for life, the color of victory isn’t pink like a ribbon. It’s red like a cross.

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2 Responses to Susan B. Komen, Planned Parenthood, and the Cross of Christ

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  2. Vicki McAlpine says:

    Amen on the symbol that saves…

    the catch phrase, “Everyone DESERVES a lifetime”… REALLY?
    I thought we DESERVE DEATH…

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