Sunday Prep

Thomas Watson asks, “How may a Christian know that he is humble and consequently godly?” He gives ten answers. Here’s number eight:

A humble man is willing to have his name and gifts eclipsed, so that God’s glory may be increased. He is content to be outshone by others in gifts and esteem, so that the crown of Christ may shine the brighter. This is the humble man’s motto: ‘Let me decrease; let Christ increase.’ It is his desire that Christ should be exalted, and if this is effected, whoever is the instrument, he rejoices. ‘Some preach Christ of envy’ (Phil. 1:15). They preached to take away some of Paul’s hearers. ‘Well,’ says he, ‘Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice’ (v. 18). A humble Christian is content to be laid aside if God has any other tools to work with which may bring him more glory.

–From The Godly Man’s Picture (first published in 1666)

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One Response to Sunday Prep

  1. once again, you are using a non-conformist pastor who exposed the man-centered church philosophy of his day….. RIGHT ON…. We could use some non-conformist pastors in this post church age.. It just may wake us up. have you hug a leper today?

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