Faith in Future Grace

Because we can always use more prayer I’m posting today’s entry from Julia’s CarePage. For those that are willing, thank you for your prayers.


There will be a grace for this. The “this” is a need to switch to a more aggressive chemotherapy treatment given the steady increase in Julia’s tumor markers over the last couple months. What the regular blood tests have been indicating, the CT scan from last week confirmed. Dr. Rubin’s settled conviction is that the tumors have become resistant to the current treatment which makes the idea of switching an easy decision to make. Julia begins weekly Taxol treatments beginning next Monday (two hour infusion) at the PeaceHealth Cancer Center here in Bellingham.

Julia knows Taxol. This will be her second round of it since enduring it for six months while living in Richmond, VA. Unlike her current chemotherapy, the side effects of Taxol include hair loss, nausea, various degrees of neuropathy, and the “fun” stuff that comes with regular steroid use. But we are encouraged because Taxol was effective in beating back the tumors before. We are trusting it will do it again, by God’s grace. And please pray that Julia’s heart (severely weakened from her first chemo regimen) is able to tolerate well this new direction. (We are thrilled to report that in almost a year since having a defibrillator put in, Julia has not needed it!)

Not only do we covet your prayers for this medical change, we also appreciate your prayers for our living situation. After asking The Firs to extend our lease for at least another year, they have decided that our current home is needed for another ministry direction yet to be determined. They are wanting more flexibility with the home and therefore would like us to honor our lease agreement with an end date of June 17. Living in Julia’s “grandparent’s home” has been a wonderful blessing. Though sad to leave, we are deeply grateful for The Firs’ willingness to lease us the home for what will be two years in June. Please pray that we are able to find a home in the Geneva neighborhood given the close proximity to Julia’s mom as she has been an indispensable help to our family in this season of life. We are grateful beyond words for her (and Gene’s) care of us in all its forms.

The kids continue to flourish in church, school, and sports. We feel increasingly connected to our new community and continue to see God’s goodness in bringing us to Bellingham. Thank you very much for your continued prayers and encouragement in all its forms. You are a radiant example of God’s grace in our life!

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4 Responses to Faith in Future Grace

  1. steven wilson says:

    Our prayers continue with you All AND that this treatment works AND side effects less. blessings

  2. michele says:

    We love you guys so much. I pray for you all and Julia everyday. If there is anything we can do let us know. Give her a hug from me.

  3. John Munroe says:

    We surely will put this on our priority prayer list. We will also buy more Lotto tickets. 🙂 John and Marjorie

  4. Mark says:

    Thank you for posting this update. We will continue to pray.

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