Ray Ortlund and Standing Any Test

Your faith is big enough to handle any monster, any circumstance. Consider Hebrews 11 and what the great saints of old endured. Biblical faith is deeply practical and immensely strong, able to do more than we think or imagine. Why? Because of the One it draws resources from. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ brings omnipotence to bear on every facet of our lives. How encouraging is that?

Ray Ortlund (via Bishop Festo Kivengere) helps us see this great truth from another angle:

The cross is practical, it is God moving in love to meet violent men and women, facing violence and suffering for us.  Your faith was born in violence.  The Christian is not scared when the whole world is shaking.  Your faith was born on Calvary.  It can stand anything.  It is an all-weather faith.

Don’t imagine you can only be a Christian when everything is smooth.  Christians shine better when everything is just the opposite.  Your faith was born in blood and sweat in the loneliness of Calvary.  You can stand any test.

-Bishop Festo Kivengere, When God Moves in Revival (Wheaton, 1973), page 16.

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