The Gospel of Mac?

I wrote the following post a couple years ago for my blog over at, but after a similar experience recently at our own version of an Apple Store, I thought it worth posting here.


Have you ever run into an apologist for Mac computers? Perhaps you are one. Yesterday I was forced to endure a fellow customer at our local Apple Store make his case for why Macs are better than PCs. And he was blood-earnest in his argument.

I was struck by his passion. Embarrassed for him in his tone. And amazed that he had no inhibition in grabbing hold of my attention and not letting go — until I politely yet firmly said “good-bye.”

Let me say that I love my MacBook Pro. I have no desire to go back to the days of Dell. But watching and listening to this young man’s evangelistic appeal for the supremacy of Mac brought one overwhelming phrase to mind: misplaced passion.

I left the store wishing this man was half as excited for and eager to proclaim the Gospel. He was “sold out” for Mac, but I wondered if he had any ounce of affection for Christ.

As I walked to my car with my new Snowball microphone in hand, I began to consider my own level of passion for the Lord. A Mac enthusiast shouldn’t out-zeal me. Am I as moved by the Gospel — and the God who comes to me in that Gospel — as this man was by a particular technology brand?

Thankfully, yes. And I pray to be even more so. As I drove away I prayed for the Mac man. And I reminded myself anew of the Christian’s calling — a calling not for the passive or laconic of heart: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

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4 Responses to The Gospel of Mac?

  1. Thanks for sharing this experience, Mike.

    “he had no inhibition in grabbing hold of my attention and not letting go — until I politely yet firmly said “good-bye.”

    No doubt he thought he was doing you a favor.

    I agree we shouldn’t be out-zealed by others. Yet we must channel that passion with consideration for others. If we \make a practice of taking God seriously, as we intentionally live in relationship with others who don’t know him, I believe the Holy Spirit himself will enable the relationship to be a conduit for sharing Christ.

    • Mike Pohlman says:

      love it, david. we must “make a practice of taking God seriously.” and that doesn’t have to look like Mac guy. but it will be clear over time to those we’re in relationship with that God is the most important reality in the universe to us. not our iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, etc.

  2. geoffbaron says:

    I was once in this camp.. but when Steve Jobs didn’t rise from the dead after 3 days I realized my religion was a false one. Now I think the “apple” is actually representative of the same lust that Adam and Eve succumbed to: It’s never enough.. no matter how much we have.. whether it’s a garden full of everything or a brand new iMac.. it’s never enough. It’s always the next shiny thing that catches our eye.

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