The Permanence of Marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

As I mentioned in the sermon this morning, for those that would like a copy of the sermon outline on Mark 10:1-12 please see the link to the PDF file below. Thanks.

The Permanence of Marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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2 Responses to The Permanence of Marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  1. Tom says:

    The Permanence of Marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    I am certain that many in our congregation were waiting to hear the last thoughts of your sermon on June 23, 2013. Some, perhaps many, gave a sigh of relief when they heard you speak of God’s grace that covers all our sin. Whew, they must have thought! Yet what you ‘preached’ was absolutely correct.

    So why am I writing this note? Well, I would like to share some words of another Pastor who wrote on this subject nearly 40 years ago. They too are instructive for all who read and heed them.

    Here is an extract of the last four paragraphs of the chapter entitled What About Divorce from: Stedman, Ray C. The Ruler Who Serves. Texas: Word Books, 1976: pages 62-63.

    “- – – I do not intend to impose a sense of condemnation on anyone. But I do want to make clear what Jesus said—that divorce is sin—no ifs, ands, or buts abut it. Divorce is a violation of God’s intention for marriage. It always is, and it always involves some form of sin. But thank God, although that is what the law says, grace comes in to tell us that sin can be forgiven. There is the possibility of restoration, of healing, of God’s beginning again the work of creating oneness—either with the same couple, or perhaps if they go on to a different union, each will have learned lessons which will facilitate the beauty of relationship that God has in mind.

    But I also want to make clear that though there is this way for forgiveness and restoration; we ought to understand that God’s way of restoration involves repentance. I have heard Christians say, “If you do not like your present mate, divorce him or her, and get married again. Even if it is wrong, God will forgive you if you ask him to, and you can just go on and enjoy the new union.” Well, that bothers me greatly—first, because it takes lightly what God takes very seriously; and second, because it is not true that Scripture teaches that all you need to do is ask God for forgiveness and you are forgiven.

    What the Scriptures say is that when you come to the place of repentance, you are forgiven. Repentance means the understanding of the awful danger you have put others in, the injury you have caused others and yourself, a sense of shame for that and a willingness to let it come to an end and exist no more in your life, to turn your back on it and walk with God in his forgiveness and restoration into a new life which leads in a new direction. That is repentance, and only then is the forgiveness of God available to us.

    This is why Jesus speaks so plainly and yet so graciously in these matters. Adultery does end the marriage, yes; but it does not mean that forgiveness cannot come in and make it over into a new and fresh experience in which God can begin again the work of creating that miracle of oneness which he intends for us. Marriage is God’s way of putting two lives together to produce a oneness that will be a testimony to the whole world of the grace and the power of God to change human lives.”

  2. George says:

    Powerful sermon. Pleased to see you have the courage to speak the Bible when it conflicts with popular opinion.

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