The Drama of Baptism

johnny_baptismI remember well when I was candidating for my current position at Immanuel Bible Church the search committee asking me what I thought of having drama in the church service. I knew what they meant. They were referring to how some churches like to have actors on stage during a worship service performing a skit that “dramatized” some aspect of the gospel. It’s often done as a form of outreach. Not knowing the group in front of me all that well I wondered if any of them were strong advocates for this kind of drama in church. If so, my answer sought to raise the bar.

I remember immediately saying, “I love drama in church (insert dramatic pause), the drama of the Lord’s Supper and baptism.” Thankfully the committee found my answer agreeable not only because it kept me in the hunt for the job, but more importantly because these two sacraments (or ordinances) are high drama at its best.

The Lord’s Supper pictures the drama of Christ’s body broken and blood shed for sinners. And baptism pictures the drama of how a person, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, dies to sin and is raised to new life. While far more could be said about these two dramatic presentations of the gospel, this understanding alone gets me excited for church when either is present.

On Sunday, November 9, I have the privilege of officiating another baptism service at Immanuel. I anticipate having people being baptized as young as six and as old as, well, let’s just say older. What a thrill. For the drama of going under the water and coming up out of it gives picture to the most amazing reality in the universe, namely, the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting.

Does it get anymore exciting than this?


For questions about baptism or to express you desire to be baptized on November 9, please contact Pastor Mike at or at 360.733.0672.

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