Family Meetings and God’s Faithfulness


Family Meeting: this is what we call our congregational meetings at Cedar Creek Baptist Church, and I like it. I like it because it makes clear what we are, namely, the family of God off Bardstown Road in Fern Creek, Kentucky. By the grace of God we are an assembly of 300-plus children of God on our way to glory. Given this breathtaking reality it is fitting that we call our quarterly business meetings “family meetings.”

Yesterday’s Family Meeting was uniquely encouraging and it wasn’t because of the chicken and desserts (which were fantastic). It had to do with the commemoration of our 225th anniversary as a church. (I loved how one speaker — a friend of the church who’s husband was our interim pastor for a portion of the 1990s) opened her address with, “Congratulations on being as old as Kentucky.”) As we look to our future it was inspiring to consider God’s faithfulness in our past. Through various testimonies given by some of our senior saints, it was deeply encouraging to hear of Cedar Creek’s rich heritage in the Scriptures, prayer, outreach, and fellowship. A common thread with the speakers was the merging of Word and deed ministries over the years. The Bible has been studied and taught, countless prayers lifted up to the Lord, and faith working through love toward each other and the nations. In other words, the two great commandments of love to God and neighbor have been emphasized in our history.

And I want this to mark our future still more.

I love studying history so that we can better live out our futures. History is a great teacher: it teaches us by the positive and the negative. That is, from our study of the past we learn how to do things and how not to do things. Both lessons are immensely helpful if we’re humble enough to allow history to be our teacher. My guess is our church’s history is like every church’s history: there are both negative and positive lessons to learn. Thanks be to God that so much of our history teaches us by the positive.

So as we look with gratitude to our history as a church, we look with great confidence in God for our future. Why? Because great has been his faithfulness and great it will be!


On another greatly encouraging note I’m told that our Children’s Ministry broke a record for money raised for camp scholarships through our annual dessert auction: $1,188. God’s faithfulness on display through your generosity. Thank you!

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