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Jordan Peterson and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

[the following is the conclusion from my sermon on Sunday from Acts 2:25-36] *** With all that is going on in the world today at large and in your life in particular you may be tempted to grow weary and … Continue reading

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Living in the Light of the Resurrection

I’m excited for the new sermon series in the book of Acts we’ve begun at Cedar Creek. Yesterday I had the opportunity to introduce the book. My goal was to ask and answer the question, “What is true of a … Continue reading

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The Scenery of God’s Grace

The only thing keeping my feet moving was the scenery. As I ran through the city of Richmond, Virginia what I lacked in energy I made up for in curiosity. What scenic treasures awaited me along my route? I stumbled … Continue reading

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The Menaces of God’s Word

To be ready to preach on Sunday requires resting your head on holy things throughout the week. And on Saturday evening it is especially important to have some reading of a devotional nature. Tonight I went to Thomas Watson’s The … Continue reading

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A Preacher’s Decalogue

As a seminary professor, I am deeply grateful for how the new year has opened with seasoned pastors and teachers offering their wisdom for young (and not-so-young) preachers. For example, in “Advice to a Young Preacher” Peter Adam outlines fourteen … Continue reading

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Technology and Preaching

I recently had a student tell me that he preached in a church in Tennessee that had him speaking from a platform that turned into the equivalent of an IMAX experience for the congregation. The technology allowed him to “take” … Continue reading

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What do you long for?

What do people do who long for something? They run toward it. This struck me anew on my way back from a recent mission trip to Ethiopia. Upon arriving back in the states my heart was longing to see my … Continue reading

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