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Let Us Be About Our Father’s Business

In his excellent, brief biography of Ulysses S. Grant, Michael Korda argues that among Grant biographers there has been “a widespread failure to understand Grant’s character, which was admittedly complex and always, to some degree, secretive.” Korda continues by contrasting … Continue reading

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Advent Longing

This coming Sunday marks the beginning of the Advent season. I love this time of the year. Beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas, the church since the fourth century has celebrated the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by focusing … Continue reading

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On the Blessing of Baptism

“Since Jesus commanded His church to baptize (Matt. 28:19), we would expect that there would be a measure of blessing connected with baptism, because all obedience to God by Christians brings God’s favor with it. This obedience is specifically a … Continue reading

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The Drama of Baptism

I remember well when I was candidating for my current position at Immanuel Bible Church the search committee asking me what I thought of having drama in the church service. I knew what they meant. They were referring to how some … Continue reading

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Why a Great Tribulation?

I’ve spent the last three weeks at Immanuel on Sunday mornings preaching through Mark 13. We have a few weeks yet to go. The themes taken up in this chapter — the destruction of the temple and fall of Jerusalem, … Continue reading

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Annual Meeting 2014 and the State of the Church

Dear Immanuel Bible Church, By God’s grace the state of Immanuel Bible Church is strong and getting stronger. Indeed, at the dawn of a new year I am encouraged to see a community of saints growing “strong in the Lord … Continue reading

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Welcome Russ Hawkins!

We are thrilled to welcome Russ Hawkins onto the teaching team at Immanuel Bible Church! Russ, with Darrel Amundsen’s joyful approval, is taking over our Sunday School class on the Gospel of John. Last year Russ, JaLynn, and their four … Continue reading

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