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Indifference to Jesus

[the following is a paraphrase of the introduction to my sermon on Sunday from Acts 2:37-41] *** In our text this morning we encounter thousands of people who are no longer indifferent to Jesus. They heard the news of the … Continue reading

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Living in the Light of the Resurrection

I’m excited for the new sermon series in the book of Acts we’ve begun at Cedar Creek. Yesterday I had the opportunity to introduce the book. My goal was to ask and answer the question, “What is true of a … Continue reading

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The Scenery of God’s Grace

The only thing keeping my feet moving was the scenery. As I ran through the city of Richmond, Virginia what I lacked in energy I made up for in curiosity. What scenic treasures awaited me along my route? I stumbled … Continue reading

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What do you long for?

What do people do who long for something? They run toward it. This struck me anew on my way back from a recent mission trip to Ethiopia. Upon arriving back in the states my heart was longing to see my … Continue reading

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Advent, Life, and Death

Advent is at once about life and death. It’s about life in that we celebrate the first advent of Christ into the world. Indeed, the eternal Word–the One who is the way, and the truth, and the life–took on flesh … Continue reading

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What We Won’t Regret

I love this list of things from Kevin DeYoung about what we won’t regret: We won’t regret playing hide and seek with our children. We won’t regret turning off the t.v. and putting the phone away. We won’t regret that … Continue reading

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Back to School and the School of Christ

Like many parents this time of year, I’m getting my kids ready for their return to school. It’s a bit daunting to think I’ll have a first, sixth, eighth, and ninth grader in school beginning September 2nd. A season of … Continue reading

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