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Mormons, Religious Liberty, and Irreconcilable Theological Differences

At a recent address at Brigham Young University, the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Albert Mohler, models how to talk about issues of common concern while holding to essential theological distinctions. What Mohler demonstrates is how to not … Continue reading

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The Permanence of Marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

As I mentioned in the sermon this morning, for those that would like a copy of the sermon outline on Mark 10:1-12 please see the link to the PDF file below. Thanks. The Permanence of Marriage and the Gospel of … Continue reading

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Till Death Do Us Part

Mark 10:1-12 is an amazingly beautiful word about marriage. This is my text for tomorrow’s sermon. In this song by Matthew Mayfield I hear its echo (lyrics below). The sunlight is stationed high to her right With marks of the … Continue reading

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Marriage and the Gospel

The sermon text for Sunday morning is Mark 10:1-12. In this passage Jesus is teaching his disciples what the implications of discipleship are for marriage. As I prepare, I’m being reminded of the glorious meaning of marriage — the meaning … Continue reading

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How You Get There Makes All the Difference

This exchange between Rob Bell and Andrew Wilson on homosexuality and the Bible is an excellent tutorial (by way of contrast) on theological method. Honestly, it’s hard for me to see why any thoughtful evangelical would take Bell seriously on … Continue reading

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The Covenant of Marriage

I wept this morning as I watched this powerful video tell the story of Ian and Larrisa’s marriage. Their lives are pouring forth speech about the glories of our covenant keeping God.

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The Meaning of Marriage

Julia and I have the privilege of attending our church’s “Couples Retreat” this weekend at Cedar Springs Retreat Center in Sumas, WA. We’re excited to get away with a bunch of other married folks and to learn from friend and … Continue reading

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